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Yak shaving a Pebble

Update! I have now integrated this into httpebble. I was using httpebble and to get a screenshot I had to disable it and enter mockup data. But by integrating it I can still use httpebble and also grab a screenshot at the same time, and easily keep all in the same code. This is now the master branch of pblindex and can be found here. The modified iPhone client of httpebble can be found here. I also made a demo with another watchface by adding http capture to it, this can be found here (branch http_capture). Youtube demo

I never thought I’d be posting this soon again. But coding for the Pebble was pretty fun. Think I love these low-end devices. There are fun challenges to get all these small devices to do the bidding.

Well, I submitted the result from the last post to and I was going to submit it to but stumbled on lacking a screenshot. Sure I could mockup one in Pixelmator. Na, that’s no fun so I started to hack the Pebble a little to see if I could make a screenshot, somehow. Well, lo and behold, I found a hack to find the app framebuffer on the Pebble. It wasn’t particularly hidden I can add.

So I wrapped this together into a little code piece to put in the Pebble app and a receiver app to be run on the iPhone.

An example use can be found here (branch capture on There you can also find the files pblcapture.h and pblcapture.c which should go in the Pebble app.

iphone screenshot

The source code for the iPhone app is available at github with a short description in the README.

Youtube demo

Yeah, I might add that this is totally hacking and I can’t promise it will work after the next Pebble firmware update.

Maybe it’s time to submit to now…done!

Happy hacking!

By Edward Patel, 20 Jul 2013

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