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I have been doing iPhone/iOS development for some time now. But with the new kid on then block, the Mac App Store, I have returned to doing some native Mac programming again. I got to update an old Mac app for the Mac App Store too, Mye. When I’m at it I also got into supporting a great opensource project started by Rasmus Andersson named kod. kod is an editor specifically for programmers.

This weekend I started to look into how to bundle frameworks. Working on kod made me think of making an own little program to collect and organize snippets, thoughts and numbers. And I got a little sidetracked when my thoughts drifted into frameworks.

How should bundled frameworks actually be built and used, or at least used easily?

I looked around Xcode to see if I could find any direct clues of it. No, not obvious enough for me. The documentation has a pretty high threshold to grasp, even if it’s usually are very thorough. But, I’m beginning to feel comfortable searching and reading it now. Think I figured it out.

Lets take the steps one by one.

You should now have a framework that can be bundled internally with an app.

So, how should it be used?

Lets take the steps one by one.

That should be it.

It’s also possible to make the app project dependent of the framework project and you can hook the pieces up to handle building of it at the same time as the app builds. But I leave that as an exercise for you.

If you would like to get two example projects to have a look see at grab a zip here link.

By Edward Patel, 27 Jan 2011

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