MyLists is a small application for organizing and printing action lists in a way that they can be folded into a small booklet. The booklet can easily be placed in i.e. your wallet and also be used as a "ubiquitous capturing tool". GTD our way.

MyLists was inspired by GTD - "Getting Things Done" by David Allen and PagePacker by Aaron Hillegass.

The lists are printed in a way so a single sheet of paper can be folded into a small booklet that can be placed in the wallet.

Fold the printed list page as shown in the instructions below.

Screen shot
Main view
Usage tips
MyLists 1.1.4

Version history
1.1.4 Minor bug fixes
1.1.3 Document icon and bug fixes
1.1.2 Enter acions with multi-line support
1.1.1 Fixed printing on Leopard
1.1    Preferences added, dragging of actions to other projects
1.0.1 Minor update
1.0    First release
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
We no longer accept registering of MyLists. We are looking into releasing it for free.
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