Go Shirt

Design your t-shirt with Go Shirt

Use the camera or select pictures from your photo library to put on the shirt. Tap the ruler to scale, position and colorize the picture. Place a picture on the back if you like.

Scaling is done with pinching and positioned in the ruler mode. The ruler mode is active when the ruler is yellow.

Double tap the shirt in spin view to display the shirt menu where you can add new shirt, delete the current one and step through your collection.

Shake the iPhone or iPod touch to cancel menus.

Go Shirt was created with the use of our AC3D reader lib

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove the color menu if I do not want to change the color?

Shake the iPhone. This works for all menus.

Go Shirt is a Free download at the iTunes App Store

Version history
1.1 Send image by email
1.0 First release
iPhone or iPod touch with firmware 2.x

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