Memention Designer

The Memention Designer is a general purpose development tool. It can be used to configure systems and easily build complex setups through an easy and intuitive drag-and-drop and connecting interface.

The idea behind the Memention Designer is that an application is a collection of general toolkits connected on higher level to create the wanted behavior. Often are these high level designs draw on pieces of paper or whiteboards to convey the ideas and later on hopefully documented or developed with a UML, or similar, tool.

We wanted to take this one step further with the Memention Designer. Built on an open and configurable engine the Memention Designer can be used to generate targets for many different systems and languages.

By drawing objects and connecting them one describe a design on a high level and the Memention Designer can be used to produce a working source file or configuration file.

PHP generation
For Windows: Demo version 1.0.1
Manual: Short Manual
Full version and adaptions by contact

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