Chess Game

"How about a nice game of chess?" -- Joshua, in WarGames

Current version has these features:

YouTube Demo [v1.1]
Frequently Asked Questions

How can I delete an old game?

Delete games with the standard swipe gesture. In the Games list, put your finger on the game's name and swipe right and a button will appear.

Can Chess Game play against itself?

Yes. Create an iPhone game and press Swap side for each move.

Chess is a Free download at the iTunes App Store

Version history
1.5 Bugfix
1.4 Updated for OS 3.0 and added valid move presentation on level 1
1.3 Modified play-by-email feature not to start Safari
1.2 Added Redo, Swap side, play One on One and UI changes
1.1 Added play by email feature, some minor UI changes
1.0 First release
iPhone or iPod touch with firmware 3.0 or better. is required for the play by email feature to work.

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