AC3D reader lib

Do you want to create amazing iPhone apps with 3D graphics?

With this easy to use AC3D reader lib you will be able to put 3D models created with AC3D  in your iPhone apps in just a few minutes.

For information how to use it see the usage page.
Source code
Get the source code from github
Version history
1.0 First release to github

There was a bug in the iPhone 3GS when drawing flat shaded triangle strips (pre iOS 3.2) This affected the demo projects that used the model. Please read here about it.

Fileformats for textures jpeg, png, tif, gif, bmp, xbm
No scenegraph The AC3D reader lib is not a scenegraph so culling, camera and lighting need to be handled explicitly
Transparency No draworder is used for transparent polygons which can be a problem in certain situations
Crease angle The crease angle in AC3D is not used, surfaces are either fully flat or smooth shaded
Light sources Light sources are not used. Lighting should be handled in OpenGL directly as this renderer is for rendering dynamic objects and not full static scenes
Two sided lighting Two sided surfaces (2S) may not be rendered properly on the iPhone as two sided lighting is not yet supported on it. This is fixed on the iPhone 3GS
Large models This is not so much a lib problem but rather a iPhone problem. A two step optimization phase is used when loading. If it takes to long time to load, a workaround can be to load the model in a separate thread. QVis can be used to reduce the triangle count making large models usable on the iPhone

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